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Noosphere Picks the Best Ideas at NASA’s Space Apps Challenge Aug 2, 2017 Noosphere's Picks

NASA has announced its picks for the winners of the annual International Space Apps Challenge. Winners include a apps that track the spread of pollen to help commuters avoid the largest plumes, to holographic models of Earth and emergency shelter that can be quickly deployed to disaster zones.The judges have made their choices, but Noosphere would like to point out our favorite ideas that were not chosen. Here then is Noosphere’s picks for the best of the rest.

Winners of NASA Space Apps Challenge Jul 12, 2017 Winners of NASA Space Apps Challenge

NASA Space Apps Challenge continues the tradition of giving a voice to anyone who has an idea worth spreading. The competition focuses not only on improving our understanding the cosmos and our place in it, but how this understanding can improve the everyday lives of humans here on Earth. Every year the focus changes and this year prizes were awarded to teams in six categories: best use of data, best use of hardware, best mission concept, galactic impact, most inspirational and, as always, the people’s choice award.

How to Predict a Tsunami – The Future of Computer Modelling Jun 13, 2017 How to Predict a Tsunami

Current engineering applications require models to reduce costs and increase time efficiency, it is always easier to model and test a turbine with a CAD (Computer-aided Design) program a than to build a new turbine every time you want to make a slight change to the design. Current CAD programs provide insight into future products as we are able to calculate stresses and loads directly within the program. But, when it comes to modeling fluids they have always come up short.