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How to Predict a Tsunami – The Future of Computer Modelling Jun 13, 2017 How to Predict a Tsunami

Current engineering applications require models to reduce costs and increase time efficiency, it is always easier to model and test a turbine with a CAD (Computer-aided Design) program a than to build a new turbine every time you want to make a slight change to the design. Current CAD programs provide insight into future products as we are able to calculate stresses and loads directly within the program. But, when it comes to modeling fluids they have always come up short.

Noosphere Venture Partners Invested in Yola. “We are very excited to be able to support a company with such a long history.” – Max Polyakov May 15, 2017 Yola

Noosphere Ventures today announced it has invested in Yola, a leading company that provides website building and secure hosting services. Founded in 2007, Yola has won numerous awards, including the Industry Standard 100 Award and Webuser’s Gold Award in 2008. The investment by Noosphere Ventures will support growth through cash investment and the services of Noosphere Ventures substantial and established technology personnel and operational experience.

The New Thing to Video Marketing Apr 5, 2017

Great news for video marketers around the globe! Noosphere Venture Partners’ subsidiary has invested in purchase of Waywire’s assets, gaining exclusive access to their curated video solutions for GDM Group and Noosphere Ventures’ other marketing businesses. Curated content solves the problem of filter failure in content aggregation, making sure users are provided only with highly engaging and relevant content.