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ASKfm celebrates the 10th Anniversary

ASKfm celebrates the 10th Anniversary

Jun 17, 2020

On June 16 we celebrate the 10th anniversary of ASKfm, the social networking platform that connects and engages people by having users ask questions and provide answers. We decided to ask 10 tips from ASKfm CEO Janis Grivins about development and business approach and you can watch the answers on YouTube.

Janis Grivins also told us what question once changed his life:

Why? This is the greatest question there is, be it product development or life philosophy. If you ask yourself “why” enough times you will crack the essence of any task, any challenge, any problem. Even more so if you do it as a brainstorming session in a group. Why are we doing this? Why are we not doing this?  Why is this not working? Why would people need this? Why are people asking questions? Try this and you will be surprised by the results. Why? Because you will start altering the cause and not just the effect.”   

About ASKfm

ASKfm is one of the largest social networks in the world in the format of questions and answers, with over 215 million registered users. The company is working on entering the blockchain sector with the development of ASKfm 2.0—the largest incentivized, blockchain-based Q&A social network—to allow users to take advantage of their knowledge and monetize their passion in a more democratic and decentralized manner.

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