Next Big Thing

Bio Sensing Just Got Easier

Oct 7, 2014

Noosphere Ventures is the first to admit that we live in a time when so much data is available that we hardly know what to do with it. While to the untrained eye much of this data may seem trivial, researchers are constantly finding new ways to turn it into lifesaving technologies.

Take for example the new Google Glass which not only can detect where you are and who you are talking to, but because it attached to your head, is also able to detect subtle movements in the position of your head. When researchers it the, MIT Media Lab applied the right algorithm, this data was able to quickly track heart rate and count the number of breaths per second.

This kind of real-time information can give amazing insight into the causes of stress in your life or track the heart rate of someone with a known heart condition to give several more minutes of warning before a heart attack.

Researchers have also found ways to monitor the body from the inside as well. Recent research by Dr. John Ho demonstrated the use of a new wireless charging technique called “mid-field wireless transfer”. While short-range wireless charging technology has been around for decades, this is the first time that researchers were able to demonstrate a charging technique with a long enough range to penetrate into deep organic tissue at such a low power level.

The technology could be used to power tiny devices that are implanted inside the body, for example pacemakers or sensors. Current pacemakers use either near-field charging systems that must be placed close to the surface of the skin, or bulky batteries that require surgery to replace.

This new charging technique would allow for smaller devices which could be placed in more sensitive places such as the brain or liver. If wearing a simple pair of glasses can provide vital data about your heart, imagine what deeply placed sensors in your body could do to monitor your state of health.

The rapidly growing market of wearable electronics is expected to reach $2 billion by 2018 and Noosphere Ventures is excited about the potential that these technologies have to improve people’s lives. We are watching this technology quickly and will try to keep you up-to-date on its growth and impact.