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How Neuromarketing Help Make The Right Decisions For Customers?

Mar 7, 2015

As we all know marketing is all based on how good a person can manipulate another person. There are many people who believe that it is a cat mouse chase, attack and defense, evolution and co-evolution and a competition between the advertiser and customer. Everybody has its own perception regarding the marketing, but the main motive of marketing is to convince the customers so that they buy your products. In this world, we are either a salesman or a customer. If we are working, then we would probably be the salesman and if we are going out in the malls on the weekends, then we’ll rather be consumers, who are searching for the right products. It is an art to become a great marketer and to trick people into purchasing some of the needless items. There has been a buzz about a new concept called “Neuromarketing”, which helps consumers to differentiate between the good and bad marketing.
This detail of the research and its results are mentioned on They have thoroughly explained the concept of Neuromarketing and how it can affect the outcomes of a possible advertiser and customer confrontation. In the report, you will also see the use of the eye-tracking study, which is a cheaper technique to find out the possible inclination of the consumer. There are some expensive techniques as well, such as FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging), SST (Steady State Topography), EEG (Electroencephalography) and Galvanic Skin Response. The primary function of all these tests is to find out the status of the neural activities that are going on in the brain of the person when he/she is offered a deal from the advertiser.
There are a plenty of reasons that propel the necessity of Neuromarketing in the future because the traditional market side generated questionnaires that are asked by paid volunteers are not good enough to know the exact mood of the customers. There are certain benefits that customers can get from Neuromarketing, which are also mentioned in ‘The Barton’. They have explained the fascinating combination made by marketing and science, which is in the favor of both, the customers and advertisers. Neuromarketing will help make a wiser, better and more sensible decisions about what they are buying and why.
Even the businessmen can earn a lot more by taking the help of Neuromarketing. It is all a mind game, which can really set the tone in the business world. We have found a very beautiful post written in Kellogg Insight, which shows the effect of neuroscience on retrieving the necessary information regarding what’s happening in the brains of the customers. We have even found some great products on that can help the advertisers to get into the minds of the customers and infuse their ideas.
We really think that this is an amazing concept that can be really advantageous to everybody. In the upcoming period, Neuromarketing will be used extensively by the advertisers to know the mindset of the consumers. From the consumer’s perspective, this concept will ensure that they are buying the right product, which they have planned on buying in the first place.