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Innovation Driving Innovation

Innovation Driving Innovation

Jul 09, 2015

3D printing has become the golden child of the micro-manufacturing world. The opportunities that additive 3D printing holds for the medical and prototyping communities has ensured itself a marketplace for years to come. But new innovations in old tech are not dead, and subtractive 3D printing has made huge advances as well.

One of the biggest advantages of subtractive manufacturing, taking pieces off to create a product, is the variety of materials that can be used to create an object. Unlike additive 3D printers that are designed to use a single medium, subtractive printers can create an object from a wide variety of objects.

One particularly innovative step in that direction is the Glowforge, a desktop 3D laser printer that can create a wide variety of consumer items out of any material. It can perform engraving on leather, wood, aluminum, or plastic, foam, acrylic, fabric, stone glass or even food.

It is designed to be easy to use and versatile. They provide the software tools for people who are not familiar with CAD programs to design their own products.
“The Glowforge turns everyone into a micro-manufacturer. Things are being created exactly for what’s needed and when they’re needed, domestically, on-the-spot. It’s just-in-time fabrication as well as creating beautiful things out of lovely materials that are actually going to last,” Shapiro said.

3D printers and innovative subtractive printers help put the tools of creating into everyone hands. The largest barrier to success is opportunity, so allowing non-technical people to release their creativity overcomes another barrier to innovation.

“It’s so empowering to kids to be able to imagine something and then go and build it. That’s why kids like to draw and why they love Legos and blocks. Glowforge takes that to an entirely different level.” Shapiro continued.

Noosphere Ventures applauds innovations of any kind. But when someone can create a tool that drives future innovations, Noosphere Venture stands and applauds!

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