Next Big Thing

New Sphere of Neuromorphic Chips

Sep 26, 2014

There is a new breed of microchip being developed that could change the way that computers view the world, and the way we view computers. Mainstream microchips that are used in home computers and cellphones are designed to calculate quickly, but they still work in a linear fashion, completing one task at a time. This makes them incredibly effective at solving complex mathematical problems but that is not the way our brains work. Our brains work as a neural network: sensing, processing and sharing information simultaneously. This makes them pattern recognition machines that no computer has been able to match yet. But that is about to change with the introduction of neuromorphic chips.

Neuromorphic chips work more closely to the way that our brains work and they are already doing amazing things. From learning to recognize toys based on their appearance to accurately understanding and interpreting human gestures these chips are “blurring the boundary between silicon and biological systems,” according to Qualcomm’s chief technology officer, Matthew Grob.

Software that models this behavior can already outperform similar systems that use thousands of times more computing power and demand huge amounts of electricity to run. Next year the technology will become physical as neuromorphic chips will become available that can be integrated into any technology, giving them the ability to interact with the world in a more life-like way than before.

And they are not only able to integrate images and sounds, but anything that can be sensed. Your body’s physical response to medication, the changing mood of the person you are talking to on the phone or your Roomba noticing that the room needs to be cleaned up after your party the night before.

Noosphere Ventures thrives on the acquisition and sharing of any information and is excited about this new technology that is not only built on this idea, but also by its potential to change the world and allow us to see it in a new vibrant way. We are eagerly watching this technology and will try to keep you up to date on developments like these and their influence on the world that we all share.