Next Big Thing

Space Fashion: How New Spacesuits Keep Astronauts Safe And Sound

The most expensive suit ever made in the history of mankind: over $20 million each, and not even designed for Earth! It’s more than a suit; it is an individual spacecraft, loaded with equipment and systems. The design is as sleek as it is complicated. All so that humankind – rulers on Earth- aren’t completely […]

Biggest Trends And Challenges In Space Law

Technological development has enabled space activities and private operators not anticipated in the antiquated legal framework. This development raises the need for international regulatory and policy changes with an eye to maintaining orderly and peaceful space exploration.

How New Cosmodromes Will Drive Humanity Into Space

Launchpad technology is often overlooked when we think about exploring space. Space companies allocate only small portions of their budgets for spaceport infrastructure support, but a successful rocket launch needs infrastructure as the second most essential component. According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (a think tank based in Washington), in the time […]