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Monthly Noosphere Ventures Digest: Firefly Kickoff, Interview With Tom Markusic, EOS Change Detection, Civic Progress

We are pleased to publish first Monthly Noosphere Ventures Digest where you can discover the most exciting news and tips from Noosphere Ventures portfolio companies. Feel free to share this article with space tech and digital entrepreneurs and investors! All Aboard FireFly rocket!  Introducing the Dedicated Research and Education Accelerator Mission (DREAM), where you can […]

John Isella, Strategic Development Director at Noosphere Ventures The Future of the Non-IT Technology Business in Ukraine

This text was originally written by John Isella, Strategic Development Noosphere Ventures, and published on the Kyiv Post site. You can read the original article by following this link. Can Ukraine compete in international technology markets? Does Ukraine have the ability to attract international investors and customers in technology businesses? These questions can be heard […]

Life On Moon? How Future Shelters For Deep-Space Habitation May Look Like

Liftoff! Follow our Facebook page to know more about space investment What if some colossal catastrophe occurs on Earth? What if human populations grow faster than what the planet’s resources can sustain? Does humanity have a Plan B? According to United Nations Population Division, populations grow at a rate of around 1.07% (82 million people) […]