Next Big Thing

10 inspirational books about engineering and technology innovators

If you are looking for inspiration from leading entrepreneurs, engineers, astronauts and innovators, a meaty book may be the best thing for you. To motivate yourself, explore genius mindsets and relaxing, we have chosen 10 books to help. Enjoy your reading!

Bioelectronics: The Next Level Of Leveraging The Body’s Potential And Treating Diseases

When we think about bioelectronic technology, we imagine cyborgs, maybe with red artificial eyes and bionic hands. Bu, the real merger of man and machine will be based more on biology than nuts and bolts. Today implanted defibrillators, eye implants, artificial tissues and the management of chronic diseases in the nervous system are turning thousands of people in breathing cyborgs without changing their appearance.

Advanced Guide To Space Tourism Businesses

Since the dog, Laika, orbited Earth on board the Soviet Union’s Sputnik 2 in November 1957, spacecraft and rockets have evolved a lot, but the potential for viable space tourism is relatively new.