Next Big Thing

Access and the Internet of Things

The first thing that most people look at when they buy a new phone is the operating system: is it MacOS, Android, or Windows? While this is an important decision, because it can determine which programs you can use to connect to the Internet, we often take for granted that we don’t have to worry whether we can connect to the Internet.

Soft Robots, Strong Technology

Noosphere Ventures is looking to the future and excited about where humanity will be. But it realizes that soon we may not be alone. More and more, robots are becoming a regular part or most people’s lives.

Bio Sensing Just Got Easier

Noosphere Ventures is the first to admit that we live in a time when so much data is available that we hardly know what to do with it. While to the untrained eye much of this data may seem trivial, researchers are constantly finding new ways to turn it into lifesaving technologies.