The Race to Clean Up Space Nov 24, 2016

While awareness about potential environmental disasters here on earth is gaining ground, most people are unaware of the growing danger looming just overhead – that is, until some of it crashes back to earth.

First Mars Olympics on the Horizon Oct 10, 2016

With the successful completion of the historic Rosetta mission that landed the first man-made satellite on an comet, attention is turning again to what NASA is planning to do next. This is nothing new and always becomes the discussion after such a momentous event.

9 Reasons to Explore Space Jul 13, 2016

On July 4, 2016 NASA announced the successful arrival of the Juno Spacecraft into Jupiter’s orbit. The $1 billion mission will study the largest planet in our solar system for the next eighteen months and give scientists a better idea of the gas giant’s weather system, magnetic environment and answer questions about its formation.