9 Reasons to Explore Space Jul 13, 2016

On July 4, 2016 NASA announced the successful arrival of the Juno Spacecraft into Jupiter’s orbit. The $1 billion mission will study the largest planet in our solar system for the next eighteen months and give scientists a better idea of the gas giant’s weather system, magnetic environment and answer questions about its formation.

Veggies Grown in Virtual Martial Soil Mar 25, 2016

With interest in Mars continuing to ramp up, so are the number of missions to the red planet. But beyond the need for speed to get there, the payload needs energy as well. With computers and machines it is a straight forward process – power down for the flight and shut down when the mission ends.

The Next Big Thing in Space Exploration Mar 21, 2016

Earth is a big place. It can seem hard to remember that when we can talk instantly with anyone. Or, when we can jump on a plane in the morning and be on the other side before the sun sets. Air planes allow us to travel in a matter of hour to places that took us weeks or months to travel too and required the support of governments to finance.