Next Big Thing

The New Thing to Video Marketing

Apr 5, 2017

Great news for video marketers around the globe!

Noosphere Venture Partners’ subsidiary has invested in purchase of Waywire’s assets, gaining exclusive access to their curated video solutions for GDM Group and Noosphere Ventures’ other marketing businesses. Curated content solves the problem of filter failure in content aggregation, making sure users are provided only with highly engaging and relevant content. Waywire expands on the concept, adding the option for publishers to monetize 3rd party content, sources ranging from YouTube to Dailymotion, thanks to their licensed patent. This solution improves video campaign metrics across the board, and we are excited to add such capabilities to our range of services.

“Video curation is at the cutting edge of innovation in the marketing industry, and we are thrilled by the perspectives this deal opens up. Making online promotion more personal and relevant to users is improving internet as an environment, and that’s what Noosphere Venture Partners is all about.”
— Tatyana Seredyuk, Group Head of Marketing at Noosphere