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Top Five Technologies Required By Small and Large Businesses

Feb 8, 2015

Noosphere Ventures is always at the forefront of the technology used in the corporate world. While many of the new technologies that make the headlines are out of touch with what the corporate community is clamoring for.

Business owners are not begging for 3D Printing, Space travel, mobile payments or low energy transmissions because they just don’t provide a quick ROI. Most businesses want to have better options to starting up their business in new markets. Gene Marks recently reported in Forbes, what he felt were the five most sought after technologies that business owners want to have in their offices.

1. More efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems: Most businesses have problems with their current CRM systems because they regularly encounter duplicate data entries. They also usually have separate CRMs for different departments such as, Inventory, accounting, Human Resource and many more. Some are cloud based while others are operated on the desktop of a single employee. The major drawback with them is the lack of updates and the support provided by third party developers is not adequate. The best current solutions to this problem still fail to satisfy their customer’s needs. It is obvious that this area still has a lot of room for improvement so if you can develop a better CRM, people will be beating down your door.
2. Better Mobile Phones with Secured networks: This is perhaps the most common issue faced by business owners. Even though you can blasé through a level of Candy Crush, when it comes to business on the go, we are using smart phones that are extremely slow. The flawed network makes it more difficult to initiate a smooth communication process. It doesn’t matter how many cool apps the company has because it’s not going to work until the condition of the network stabilizes. Some business owners have made software solutions to try and overcome the problem of slow network operation. When developing apps, it is important to design them so that they can run on both fast and slow mobile networks.

3. Cheap and secured Cloud service: More and more companies are making the switch to cloud based services. Some companies have fully cloud-based applications, while some are using on-premise solutions as they believe it to be more reliable and secure. Cloud services are generally month subscriptions from just a few dollars a month to tens of thousands, but if they provide on demand services without a lot of capital outlay, they can often be the best solution. For small businesses, it can be difficult to find the expertise to switch to cloud services. has provided a list of the cheapest cloud based services in the world.

4. Use of Social CRM: Most companies are using CRM, but their CRM is not connected to Social media such as, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. By connecting to these types of databases that already exist, they are able to quickly increase their customer base.

5. Battery Life of Devices: Battery life of electronic devices, especially laptops hasn’t improved greatly in the past decade. Most tend to fall woefully short of their purported life of 3-4 hours, hardly enough to make to halfway through a cross country flight. With wireless Internet available in almost every coffee shop and restaurant, most business owners are trying to get their business out of the office as well. But nothing spells disaster more than spending 60 hours preparing for a 30 minute presentation and then wasting half of it trying to find a suitable place to plug in your crippled laptop. With new technologies on the horizon that promise to end plug rage once and for all, it will hopefully soon become a marketing issue, not a technical one.