We invest in world class teams, technologies and business models that can change the world


Our mission

To develop, grow and accelerate industry-leading companies on a global scale.

Who we are

We invest in what we know, and where we can add value. We invest in teams and companies from incubation through seed to emerging growth and provide a powerful combination of capital and alternative resources. We are happy to lead deals or syndicate with other quality investors.

Our Investment Focus:

Social Networking

Advertising and Marketing


Social & Mobile Gaming



Big Data and Analytics

Space & Satellite Technologies


We invest in great entrepreneurial teams, who are creating breakthrough technologies, transformative business models and strong intellectual property that can change the world. We partner with our companies through a unique combination of capital and the resources of our Noosphere Global network which include world class design, technology development, marketing and business development capabilities. We believe we bring a differentiated outlook to the venture model and are comfortable investing globally,
and in niche markets.



Civic is an identity management service that reduces consumer identity theft and online identity fraud. The system allows people to track the use of their personal information in real-time and immediately react to unauthorized activities. Civic’s new proactive approach to private information helps people secure their personal data before any damage is done.

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The Circle Medical
Circle Medical

Circle Medical is a doctor-on-demand service that provides patients with an attending physician for non-urgent care. The Circle Medical app allows people to choose a doctor from the company's data-base, schedule a visit that is covered by their insurance plan and track the location of their attending physician. It represents a new concept for medical delivery that can be used in everyday life.

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ASKfm is a global social networking site connecting and engaging people by asking questions. ASKfm is the world’s largest Q&A social network, with more than 215 million registered users. The network is available in more than 168 countries and in 49 languages.

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PocketGuard is a personal money management app that helps consumers avoid pesky 'late' fees, detect fraud and resolve sneaky charges across all their credit and debit cards. PocketGuard's built-in budgeting tools with smart categorization lets consumers better manage their finances and save more for themselves.

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Thync Global integrates the most advanced aspects of neuroscience and consumer electronics to create a new category of wearables. Thynk’s technology platform includes neurosignaling algorithms, hardware, software and biomaterials that help people alter and optimize their state of mind to have more energy, relax or increase focus.

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Connected.co provides global banking solutions, advanced gateway technology and proprietary risk management services to online merchants worldwide. Leveraging its vast network of domestic and international banking relationships, Connected.co specializes in placing merchant accounts for cutting-edge merchants. Connected.co's state-of-the-art gateway platform enables merchants to route transactions strategically, submit authorizations quickly and process payments reliably.

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EOS DA combines image driven analytics, data science, and machine learning and applies them to large data sets, unlocking insights and bringing new solutions to real business problems.

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KangarooHealth develops proprietary software that reduces physical therapy (PT) patient movement assessments from 60 minutes to 10 minutes, significantly improving clinical throughput and increasing PT clinic reimbursement success rates. Its software increases revenue for PT clinics and decreases the amount of fraudulent / deficient PT bills by offering objective patient data. In collaboration with healthcare payers, KangarooHealth aims to redefine the care standard in the US physical therapy market.


Firefly Aerospace primary focuses to provide world’s best and lowest-cost light satellite launch vehicles for the under-served small satellite market, where secondary-payload launches are often the only option. It is achieved by using proven rocket technologies developed by Firefly’s world-class team in the designs and employing mass production processes.

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