What may lie ahead of Med-Tech and AI cooperation Aug 10, 2018

Imagine that in the future people will be able to prevent and detect potential diseases by scanning their DNA for anomalies and mutations. The best technologies are yet to come, but many smartphone users can already disclose skin cancer by taking photos and checking it through the application. This is an example of how artificial intelligence is slowly but surely entering the healthcare industry. What other miracles will arrive in the next ten or twenty years?     

The 5 Most Influential Technologies of 2017 Jan 4, 2018

It has become a tradition on the Next Big Thing blog to look back at how we have done at our predictions and take stock of the previous year. Here is our picks of the 5 most influential technologies of 2017.

Robots Are Taking Over the Earth! And, why it’s a good thing. Nov 6, 2017

We are bombarded by headlines like “Uber’s Otto Driverless Cars to Replace Humans”, “Millions of Manufacturing Jobs at Risk,” and “Is Your Job About To Disappear?” But are these fears founded? Or, are they just hype to sell more newspapers? The answer is not so black and white.