Breakthroughs Of The Year. 2018’s In Science, Space And Medicine Jan 2, 2019

Scientific and technical breakthroughs happening across the globe every year, but 2018 was a special year for the space industry and field of Bioelectronics. Researchers were finally able to make big progress in treating neurologic diseases using implanted devices, speeding healing processes, growing human organs for donations and using AI in space for the first […]

Bioelectronics: The Next Level Of Leveraging The Body’s Potential And Treating Diseases Nov 26, 2018

When we think about bioelectronic technology, we imagine cyborgs, maybe with red artificial eyes and bionic hands. Bu, the real merger of man and machine will be based more on biology than nuts and bolts. Today implanted defibrillators, eye implants, artificial tissues and the management of chronic diseases in the nervous system are turning thousands of people in breathing cyborgs without changing their appearance.

The Future of Farming Sep 7, 2016

Newer technologies are taking food production to the next level by integrating space technology, genetics and everything in between to streamline their processes.