How Space Technology Impacts Disaster Management Jan 15, 2019

Disasters, like earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, volcanic eruptions, forest fires, etc. have detrimental effects on national productivity and human lives causing damage, loss of property, and death. Seconds count in this business. One of the important ways to avoid these potential risks is to develop technologies for early prediction and effective reactions to disasters. Let’s take […]

Max Polyakov Relaunches Firefly with High Hopes to Bridge Gap between CubeSats and Space Sep 15, 2017

We live in an era where everything seems to be becoming very large, or very small. Growing excitement over the latter has fueled research into both how to make satellites smaller and how to make small satellite missions larger. But, satellites are only useful if they are in space, and getting them there has opened up a whole new niche that Firefly Aerospace intendeds to service.