Three Power Breakthroughs that Will Change the Way We Live Jan 22, 2015

Only as humanity and technology communicate together more closely, work together more efficiently, and live together more united, we will realize the benefits that we truly have to offer each other and build a world far beyond anything humanity has achieved alone.

A Wearable Path to Efficiency Dec 17, 2014

Noosphere Ventures watches closely as new apps provide opportunities and quicker download times increase connectivity. Every year technology disrupts the way we view and interact with the world, such as smartphones have put the Internet in our hands. But now new wearables are taking it back out of our hands and putting it onto our bodies.

Bio Sensing Just Got Easier Oct 7, 2014

Noosphere Ventures is the first to admit that we live in a time when so much data is available that we hardly know what to do with it. While to the untrained eye much of this data may seem trivial, researchers are constantly finding new ways to turn it into lifesaving technologies.