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EOS SAT First Satellite Provided By Dragonfly Aerospace

EOS SAT First Satellite Provided By Dragonfly Aerospace

Oct 30, 2021

EOS Data Analytics, a global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics, has entered into an agreement with Dragonfly Aerospace that is to deliver the first out of seven optical satellites within the EOS SAT constellation EOS Data Analytics plans to launch into Low Earth Orbit by 2025.

The first satellite by Dragonfly Aerospace is planned for launch in 2022. According to the previous agreement between EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA) and Dragonfly Aerospace, the two DragonEye electro-optical imagers will be mounted on a 100kg class µDragonfly satellite platform.

EOSDA will become the first company out of those currently working with remote sensing technologies that launches its satellite constellation specifically focused on the agricultural sector. Implementing the EOS SAT project enables the company to receive high-quality imagery that will considerably increase the reliability and veracity of the information provided to customers within EOSDA’s products and services. In addition, by launching its satellite constellation, the company will have a complete vertical integration from imagery acquisition, raw data processing, and analysis to the generation of valuable insights for end-users.

Satellite images may be used for various purposes addressing the everyday needs of both large agro companies and smallholding farmers. The range of cases satellite monitoring can be used for includes but is not limited to crop prediction, vegetation state control, weed and pest management, weather forecast, and many more. Besides, remote sensing contributes to climate change prevention and satisfaction of global food demand by supporting precision agriculture, which enables farmers to make weighed, data-driven decisions.

EOS Data Analytics is happy to announce the details of the first satellite launch of the EOS SAT constellation and an expanded deal with Dragonfly Aerospace. We have been planning the EOS SAT constellation for some time. Now, we can turn these plans into reality by partnering with Dragonfly Aerospace for the full imaging satellite. EOSDA did a thorough review of all available satellite bus suppliers and, in the end, selected Dragonfly Aerospace as the best performing partner for this mission.


EOSDA selected the µDragonfly satellite platform as it corresponds to the imaging requirements critical for precision farming. The satellite will provide a wide swath and large coverage of the farmlands areas that are especially useful for big agro holdings. The massive volumes of data can be captured thanks to high data rate transmitters and µDragonfly bus’s power system, which is capable of maintaining substantial imaging and downlinking.

The µDragonfly satellite will capture images with the help of dual high-resolution DragonEye image sensors. They will embrace up to 40 km swath width in 11 bands channels at close to 1,5 – 2,8 m resolution. The satellite’s service period is five years, and all the main components are fully redundant.

This is an important contract for Dragonfly Aerospace that allows us to demonstrate our capabilities not only in high-performance electro-optical imagers but also in full imaging satellite systems. We are very pleased that our customer EOS Data Analytics has shown the confidence in our team to select us for providing the satellite bus after working with us for the past year on the imager contract.

BRYAN DEANCEO at Dragonfly Aerospace

Nowadays, when extensive farming has proven to be not cost-effective and harmful to the environment, the enhancement of agricultural effectiveness is a burning issue. Using satellite monitoring will open up vast opportunities for farmers who seek profitable yet environmentally friendly solutions. In the face of topical problems such as climate crisis and overpopulation, which stimulate augmenting food demand, the innovative space technologies EOSDA employs in its products, may positively impact humanity’s wellbeing.

EOS SAT benefits comprise:

  • Seven first-ever agro-focused optical satellites
  • The unique set of agro spectral bands
  • Sun-synchronous orbits with a 1-3 days revisit to cover all agricultural regions
  • Daily revisit of the target area within 24 hours

With the EOS SAT project being implemented, EOS Data Analytics will continue contributing to the world space industry, providing valuable tech solutions for the agricultural sector and other industries the company concentrates on.

About Dragonfly Aerospace

Dragonfly Aerospace creates compact high-performance imaging payloads and satellites that are designed for large imaging constellations that will provide persistent views of the Earth in a wide range of spectrums enabling unprecedented business intelligence and improving the lives of people around the world.

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